Will Daycare Insurance Protect Your Commercial Vehicles?

If you run a daycare here in the United States, you know that this is a responsibility you have to take seriously. After all, you are responsible for the children of other families. One of the great ways you can enhance the educational experiences of the children present in your daycare is to take them on field trips. At the same time, a car accident can happen at any time. Therefore, you need to protect yourself, the children, and your daycare with commercial vehicle insurance. Is this something that is usually included in daycare insurance? What do you need to know?

A Comprehensive Daycare Insurance Policy Will Cover Commercial Vehicles

The good news is that the vast majority of daycare insurance policies will cover commercial vehicles. For example, if you have a fleet of vans that you used to take your children on field trips, your vehicles should be insured if you are involved in a motor vehicle accident. 

Keep in mind that if you are involved in an accident, and it is not your fault (or the fault of your driver), then the insurance policy of the other driver should pay to fix your vehicles. Furthermore, the insurance policy of the other driver should also pay for any injuries anybody sustains, including your teachers and your children. If the other person does not have any insurance at all, that is illegal. In addition to being fined and ticketed, you may be able to pursue damages against the other person for the accident. These damages can be used to cover medical expenses and replace your vehicles. 

What Type of Coverage Do You Need for Your Daycare’s Commercial Vehicles?

If the other driver does not have insurance, or if the accident was your fault, then it will be the responsibility of your insurance policy to pay for the damages. When you read your daycare insurance policy, make sure your commercial vehicles are covered. Then, there should be two separate categories of coverage. 

The first is property damage. This section should pay to repair or replace your vehicles. The second is personal injury or medical coverage. If your teachers or children are injured in the accident, this insurance policy should pay for your medical bills. Make sure your daycare insurance policy has both categories covered. 

Protect Your Daycare with the Right Daycare Insurance

These are just a few of the most important points that you should keep in mind if you are looking for daycare insurance. Your daycare is a business, so you need to protect it like one. In addition to protecting your building, you also have to protect your vehicles. Even though most comprehensive daycare facility insurance policies will cover your commercial vehicles, you still need to read the fine print, understand the details of your policy, and make sure you have the right daycare insurance. That way, your daycare will be placed in the best position possible to be successful. If you are looking for daycare insurance, do not hesitate to reach out to our trained professionals. That way, you make sure you have the right daycare insurance for your business.

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